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Guala Closures accelerates on smart manufacturing

Objective: to improve the efficiency of production lines, water and energy savings

Technological innovation and digitalization of production, efficiency of production lines, quality control and improvement, less waste and energy and water savings. These are the pillars of the industrial design of Guala Closures Group, an Italian multinational engaged in the production of closures for alcohol and food, which has implemented an integrated industry 4.0 management system at the Spinetta Marengo plant, headquarters of the Group, capable of monitoring real time all the processing phases of a product: from the use of raw material to the shipment of the closure to the customer.

A further step forward in the industry 4.0 process already started for years by the Group which today with Iris, this is the name of the software entirely developed in-house, will give a further boost to the entire production system chain, with a process that starts from the factory of Spinetta Marengo, capable of interconnecting 150 machines, to then be adopted in Termoli, Magenta and the other 27 factories around the world. "Sensors and data analysis will make it possible to provide plant operators with correction suggestions to further increase product quality with great attention to energy, water and waste saving, in line with the Group's key principles of sustainability", explains one press release.

“We recognized the potential of Industry 4.0 right from the start”, said Marco Giovannini, president and CEO of Guala Closures Group, “and as a leader in the sector, we can consider ourselves pioneers in this area. We have never stopped investing in technology even in the Covid -19 emergency, knowing that the digitization of factories and their connectivity are the driving force for competitiveness. The implementation of industrial automation and control systems in our factories is part of a broader digital transformation project launched for years, which has involved and will increasingly involve all workers, because the only way to fully exploit the potential of 'Industry 4.0 is that human beings interact perfectly with machines so as to create sustainable value for all the stakeholders of our Group”.

“We have implemented the integrated management system in the Spinetta Marengo plant", declared Federico Donato, general manager of BU Italy, "focusing on internal resources and dedicating over 80 hours of training to 150 employees. The implementation of the system allows to obtain useful information that translates into concrete correction actions in order to optimize the entire production process, reduce waste, increase the Oee of the lines and guarantee a high quality level of the products. In 2021, we will be able to produce over a billion closures in Spinetta Marengo”.

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