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The Chiarli family celebrates 160 years of wine production

A family history dedicated to Lambrusco, which spans five generations

The Chiarli family celebrates 160 years of wine production, more than a century and a half. Which means that the Modenese Group was taking its first steps while making Italy with Garibaldi's Thousand. A family history, dedicated to Lambrusco, which spans five generations and "tells the evolution of a wine and a territory that, it can be said, has made the history of Italian enology" said a press release.

The oldest winery in Emilia Romagna, the first to export outside the national borders, which obtained the Mention Honorable, at the 1900 Paris Expo, has grown exponentially together with the market demand, contributing significantly to the birth of Doc (Sorbara, Salamino di Santa Croce, Grasparossa di Castelvetro) and the consortium of Lambrusco Doc Modenesi. He has deepened the study and enhancement of historical Lambrusco clones, also perfecting the use of the Charmat method alongside the traditional fermentation in the bottle.

Today, the Group's business is divided between Chiarli Modena, oriented towards wines of wider consumption, and Cleto Chiarli Tenute Agricole, centered on the modern Castelvetro winery, which guides the work of the seven family estates that together exceed the 350 hectares of extension of which more than one hundred vineyards. The credit goes to Cleto Chiarli Tenute Agricole for having rediscovered the historical clones of Lambrusco, first of all Sorbara and Grasparossa, and for having rediscovered Pignoletto, a white wine, originally produced in restricted areas of the Emilian hills, today fully entered in the Doc Modena, and to produce the two pure Sorbara: Vecchia Modena Premium and Lambrusco del Fondatore.

The anniversary of the one hundred and sixty years of life has its own wine, a wine from the family reserve, produced only in 500 bottles. It is a Pas Dosè Rosè that shows on the label the years to celebrate and the wording of the Chiarli family. The 160th anniversary is signed by Quintopasso, the company, an integral part of the Group, dedicated exclusively to the production of classic method sparkling wines. The Pas Dosè Rosè 160 years is a 100% Sorbara from selected company clones that stands out for a fast soft pressing, performed immediately after the manual harvesting of the bunches. The procedure serves to extract only a small part of the juice from the berry pulp, where acidity and salinity reside. The aging period on the lees is over 55 months. The characteristics of this limited edition Pas Dosè Rosè are the color, white with delicate pink hues, the intense aroma, with light floral scents, accompanied by the smell of a delicate bread crust due to the long work of the yeasts. On the palate the rich acidity, enhanced by the fine and persistent bubble and the mineral notes accompany the taste, leaving room for the body due to the vinification that maintains the balance even without residual sugars.

In 2019 the number of bottles produced by the Group was 18 million, while the turnover reached 37 million euros with a relative share of the foreign market equal to 25 percent. From the point of view of distribution Anselmo Chiarli, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Group, underlines that: "Last year, the large-scale retail trade substantially confirmed volumes while Horeca saw a sharp decrease and similarly the relative turnover (-40% These data are more or less the same for both the domestic and foreign markets. The project started twenty years ago, which allowed us to position all our production and in particular Lambrusco in a very higher than the average of the other Emilian productions, it has only slowed down. We are convinced that as soon as the pandemic has exhausted its effects, our company will be able to resume its journey with ever greater successes. Very positive signs are coming from some foreign markets where the reopening of traditional channels has begun and where the demand for our Cleto wines is growing day by day".

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