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Acqua San Benedetto with Ca' Foscari University for a new training project

Develop transversal skills of current and future managers of the company

Consistent with the corporate mission of development and growth of internal resources, San Benedetto launches the training project in partnership with the Ca 'Foscari Challenge School and financed by the Veneto region, entitled "H2O + Acqua Minerale San Benedetto SPA from talent to the team "within the Dgr (regional council decree)," For an organized and aware company. Tools to foster competitiveness and professional growth". The project, presented on May 4, aims to encourage the development of transversal skills, the so-called soft skills, of the managers and future managers of the company or to combine the technical skills acquired over years of work with skills of a managerial and relational that allow you to pass from knowing how to do to knowing how to manage.

The training course will involve over 70 collaborators and will feature indoor and outdoor interventions, experiential training, workshops and seminars, and will end in September 2021. The focus of the project will be focused on the development of skills including: team working, problem solving, leadership, stress management. These issues will be explored in the course of indoor and outdoor training sessions held by university professors and experts in the sector. “The collaboration with a high profile partner such as Ca 'Foscari Challenge School is strategic for achieving the professional growth objectives that San Benedetto has designed for its collaborators”, says Relmi Rizzato, human resources director of San Benedetto mineral water. “The project started before the Covid19 crisis and is now even more strategic, given that we should all be ready to quickly face an economic recovery. The skills that we intend to build with the collaboration of Challenge School Ca 'Foscari will allow us to prepare the team of the future, capable of reacting quickly to changes in an increasingly unpredictable market".

"San Benedetto with whom we have been collaborating for some time is an innovative company projected into the future, and just like us it places people at the center, using continuous training as a tool to increase competitiveness", comments Roberta Lesini, executive director of Ca 'Foscari Challenge School. “We have built this important project together, responding to their precise need to prepare young middle-managers for the challenges arising from change. From our experience, in fact, in the change management paths the focus on transversal skills is fundamental to strengthen the interconnection between the figures with greater responsibility, favoring inter-sectoral collaboration, multi-disciplinarity in the selection of knowledge to be activated, proactivity and widespread motivation and shared. Not surprisingly, the world of work is focusing more and more on soft skills since, precisely by virtue of their application flexibility, soft skills characterize the person and can be activated and acted on in multiple contexts and on various tasks and assignments".

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