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The new sustainable packaging by Plasmon

First baby food product with fully recyclable packaging

Plasmon, the Italian baby food company owned by Kraft-Heinz confirms its commitment to sustainability and relaunches its "Squeezer and Taste" in a new fully recyclable pack. The Plasmon 100% fruit snack designed for children, good for them and which is now also good for the environment. The "Squeezer, Gusta and Riciclami" represent a revolution in the world of baby food: they are the first product dedicated to children made entirely of polypropylene, a material that can be completely recycled. An innovation that is the result of an all-Italian research and which gives Plasmon the primacy for having placed the first completely recyclable baby food pouch on the Italian market. An important result that combines the aspect of sustainability with the high standards of safety and research designed for the little ones and for all their consumption needs. The pouches will thus become protagonists of the circular economy cycle, giving new life to plastic. Polypropylene, when collected and separated correctly, can in fact be recycled and come back to life in many other everyday objects. A virtuous cycle that is good for the environment.

For this important operation Plasmon has selected the best partner, Gualapack, a leading Italian company in the supply of high-performance pouch packaging. Thus Plasmon's goal of creating an even wider Italian supply chain at the service of the little ones, their future and all those who with commitment contribute to the growth of the new generations is expanded.

“Through this operation Plasmon reaches 97% of completely recyclable packaging placed on the Italian market. Sustainability, innovation and quality are the cornerstones of our daily commitment oriented towards an approach that has always taken environmental impact into account. The pouches are the first major project that step by step will lead us in 2025 to have 100% of our packaging completely recyclable, compostable or reusable. Thanks to this operation, in just one year it will be possible to give new life to over 270 tons of plastic, which will become new containers, caps, textile fibers, components for cars and household appliances, laboratory equipment and much more", explains Andrea Budelli , President of Continental Europe of The Kraft Heinz Company, the company that owns Plasmon.

"Sustainability means avoiding having a negative impact on the generations to come after us. This is why our recyclable and environmentally friendly Pouch5 helps protect the future of our youngest consumers", says Stefano Manfredi, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Gualapack.

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