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Granarolo acquires 100% of Granarolo Uk

An M&A campaign begins in Italy and abroad

Granarolo SpA announces the acquisition of 49% of Granarolo Uk Ltd and increases its share capital from 51% to 100% with a view to consolidating its presence in the United Kingdom, as happened in France. Granarolo Uk Ltd is an English company founded in 2013 from the partnership between Granarolo and Fratelli Bosco Ltd for the distribution of dairy products in the United Kingdom. In 2018 Granarolo Uk grew thanks to the acquisition of 100% of the Midland Food Group, a distributor of fresh and frozen food products in England. In 2020, the consolidated turnover achieved by the company in the UK was approximately 60 million euros, a slightly decreasing result, influenced by the consequences of the pandemic in the country.

In the UK, the Group now represents 10.4% of the exported Italian dairy. Sales abroad in 2020 represented 33% of the total. The company was among the main players in the export of Italian dairy products in the world, with an average growth of 0.4 points in the volume of its share, coming to represent 8.8% of the total Italian dairy in the world . In particular, growth in the United Kingdom was 2.2 points, reaching 10.4% of the country total. The 2021-2023 strategic plan includes several acquisitions with a focus on dairy producers in strategic markets. "The consolidation of Granarolo Uk is an important step in the Group's growth policy abroad", declares Gianpiero Calzolari, president of Granarolo SpA "The project is to replicate the positive performances achieved on the French market where we have grown significantly, reaching a volume share of 18.5% of the total Italian dairy. During the year we aim to acquire companies operating in the reference market in Italy, Europe and overseas".

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