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Centric enters the Food and Beverage market

Plm solutions for manufacturers, retailers and brands

Centric Software has launched Product Lifestyle Management solutions specifically for the food and beverage industry. Centric Software provides enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop and sell apparel, footwear, sporting goods, furniture, home, health and beauty, luxury and now food & beverage products. By partnering with more than 450 brands, resellers and manufacturers in more than 30 countries and combining Silicon Valley innovations with market-oriented best practices, Centric Software has expanded into multiple industries. "Centric Food and Beverage Plm combines the strength, experience and resilience of the Centric platform with consumer-oriented product innovations, such as product portfolio management (PPM), end-to-end Plm workflows (Cad neutral) 3D and social (Slack, Teams and others), a collaboration portal with suppliers for sourcing and co-creation, calendar management, integration with other business systems (Erp, e-commerce, etc. ) and much, much more", says Ron Watson , Centric Software Vp of Product.

"We have also developed innovations that are specific to the needs of the food and beverage industry, including formulation management, packaging development, artwork proofing, labeling and open Apo connections to nutrition databases such as USDA and Ciqual"."Centric's entry into the food and beverage market is a natural evolution for a company with a lot of experience in the Plm industry", said Predrag Jakovljevic, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Applications at the global consulting firm, Technology Evaluation Centers (Tec). Wicked Foods, an American company among the leaders in the plant-based food industry, has selected Centric Plm as its partner for digital transformation. By undergoing a thorough selection process, Centric was found to be operationally, strategically and culturally suitable. "As a brand with a global footprint working with some of the most technically and logistically advanced retailers in the world, we need an infrastructure we can trust to manage the complexity of our business", said Paul White, Coo of Wicked Foods.

Chinese condiments company Sns Food recently selected Centric Plm for a digital transformation project to replace many different and disconnected systems, enabling a streamlined and centralized product-centric data flow. "With Centric, we are building integrated product databases that include raw materials, formulas, regulations, materials and packaging, as well as achieving standardization and digitization for innovation initiatives", said Zhang Min, CEO of Sns Food. Milarex, a fast-growing international seafood company, has relied on Centric Plm to lay the foundation for future business expansion. "We are growing fast and we need more professional systems to suit the size of our company and lay the foundation for even greater growth", said Anders Wilhelmsen, Milarex's Head of Sustainability and Marketing.

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