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European visibility for Alto Adige Dop wines

Protagonists of the "Europe, where quality is at home" campaign

The last year of the campaign that promotes PDO and PGI products continues. Gewürztraminer is the icon and symbol of South Tyrolean viticulture, the "great aromatic" appreciated all over the world for its high gastronomic aptitude

Together with the Mela Alto Adige PGI, the Speck Alto Adige PGI and the Stelvio DOP cheese, the Alto Adige DOP wines are the great protagonists of the European promotion campaign. Appreciated in Europe and in the world, they are known for their great quality and high versatility, capable of combining the typicality of the territory with great personality while at the same time managing to represent the ideal partner with both Italian and international cuisine. With 2021 continues the last year of the European campaign “Europe, where quality is at home” of the four best-known denominations of Alto Adige. Alto Adige PDO wines, Stelvio PDO cheese, South Tyrolean Apple PGI and Speck Alto Adige PGI are the protagonists. The goal is to enhance the European brands that guarantee the origin and quality of agri-food products. In fact, the quality labels of the European Union provide consumers with a tool to find their way around food products and identify their origin, quality and safety.

Alto Adige is one of the smallest wine-growing regions in Italy, just 5,550 hectares of vineyards, but thanks to its particular geographical position between North and South and its mild climate it is also one of the richest in facets. The designation of origin of South Tyrolean wines has existed since 1971. Today more than 98% of the entire vineyard area of South Tyrol is classified as DOP. All wines from the PDO area are subjected to rigorous quality controls - for example with a limitation of the maximum yield, minimum alcohol and acidity values and much more. The wines of this region are characterized by their extreme versatility, so much so that they are considered precious allies of the table. Combinability and pleasantness are the other distinctive features. This allows the more than 200 wineries in the area to offer excellent products, with an unmistakable origin known throughout the world for their quality.

A wine considered today a symbol of South Tyrolean viticulture is certainly Gewürztraminer: an important past, a future to be discovered and a present that sees it among the wines most appreciated by Italians. Recognizable for its clear and intense aromatic imprint, it comes from a history that, molding itself on the ancient taste, wanted it to be round, soft, powerful in the aromatic expression and in the structure of the sip, enhancing the sugary richness that this variety is found in always in inheritance. Its success is probably due to the ease of recognition of some scents, or to its extremely enjoyable character or, again, to its very high gastronomic aptitude. In fact, there are numerous combinations to which this engaging wine lends itself; shellfish, and oriental cuisine to name a few. Precisely by virtue of the ever-increasing diffusion of this type of cuisine and flavors, Gewürztraminer has a future full of potential in the area of combinations. The work that South Tyrolean producers carry out on this wine and which distinguishes it in a unique way concerns acidity, freshness, elegance and its longevity.

Accompanied by the message "Authentic flavors guaranteed from the origin", from 2018 to 2021 the campaign aims to raise awareness, through the 4 products of Alto Adige, the experts operating in the sectors of trade and gastronomy as well as consumers, on guarantees provided by European quality labels and on the added value they represent for consumers and producers. The campaign promoters are the Consorzio Mela Alto Adige PGI, the Consorzio Formaggio Stelvio DOP, the Consorzio Tutela Speck Alto Adige PGI and the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige DOC. The program, co-financed by the European Union, includes initiatives on the Italian domestic market and in the export markets represented by Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The heart of the campaign has been and will be for this last year the information and tasting activities of the four products. In fact, during the three years, more than 540 days are scheduled dedicated to the tasting of the four products, as well as seminars and information activities in order to allow final consumers to try the unique taste that distinguishes the products controlled at origin and get to know in first person the benefits of European brands synonymous with quality, safety, traceability, original product origin and typicality.

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