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The importance of GD in the Brazilian economy

The Carrefour Group ranks 1st in terms of turnover according to the ABRAS/SuperHiper 2021 yearbook

According to the ABRAS / SuperHiper 2021 yearbook, published last May 20 by the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (ABRAS), the sector, which brings together 3 million direct and indirect employees and approximately 91,351 stores, has a turnover of R $ 554 billion (Real Brazilians) in 2020, a figure that represents 7.5% of Brazilian GDP.

The list of the main supermarket chains by turnover sees the Carrefour Group in first place, with total turnover of R $ 74.7 billion, of which R $ 51.8 billion made by the Atacadão flag and R $ 22.9 billion by the flag Carrefour. Followed by Assaí Atacadista, with turnover of R $ 39.4 billion, and GPA, with turnover of R $ 31 billion. The role played by supermarkets last year, during the pandemic, were fundamental both for the contribution to the population and for the income generated in the country. Ice from San Paolo talks about it yesterday.

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