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Ferrero: agreement with Falck Renewables for clean energy

The Alba group aims to source 100% from renewable sources

Ferrero has signed a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Falck Renewables, an international operator in the field of renewable energy, to produce and feed into the grid 100% renewable green electricity, the result of the construction of two photovoltaic systems integrated with agricultural systems in Sicily under development in the provinces of Ragusa and Trapani, both owned by Falck Renewables. Once in operation, they will produce up to 35 GWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the amount of energy needed to cover the needs of about 13,000 households. Photovoltaic systems that will also allow an integrated production of native species and medicinal plants within them. Thanks to the agreement, the first for an Italian food company, the two plants will generate a quantity of energy equal to approximately 50% of the electricity requirements that Ferrero purchases from the grid in Italy, which already today derives from certified renewable sources. as is the case for all the electricity taken by Ferrero from the electricity grid in Europe, allowing the company to contribute positively to the reduction of CO 2 and pursue its sustainability objectives.

"We are proud that this agreement with Falck Renewables will lead to the construction of two integrated agrivoltaic philosophy plants in Italy, which will allow the injection of new additional green energy into the national electricity grid", declared Michele Ferro, Ferrero Chief Industrial and Supply Officer. "For Ferrero, this also means a step forward towards achieving the Group's sustainability objectives, both by ensuring our 100% certified renewable electricity supply path for our plants, and by achieving our 2030 target of reducing by 50 % greenhouse gas emissions deriving from our activities".

"We are happy to contribute to the achievement of Ferrero's sustainability objectives by supplying their plants with the energy produced by our new photovoltaic systems", commented Toni Volpe, CEO of Falck Renewables. "Today's is the second. long-term contract that we sign in 2021 in Italy, a market with significant growth potential for new sustainable PPAs".

Long-term PPAs represent for Ferrero a solution towards an ecological energy transition which, together with the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the identification of solutions together with suppliers along the supply chains, will allow the company to reduce its footprint. carbon. To date, there are already 18 Group plants that purchase 100% certified renewable electricity, for a total amount of energy that represents approximately 80% of the electricity purchased in its production sites around the world. In the last few months alone, five other factories have reached this important milestone: Poços de Caldas (Brazil), Vladimir (Russia), Bloomington (USA), Franklin Park (USA) and Manisa (Turkey).

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