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EU: Estonia registers Sõir Igp

With this recognition, all EU countries have certified GI products

First recognition of an agri-food Geographical Indication for Estonia: the certification of GIs as an instrument for the enhancement and protection of the territory continues in Europe; on 31 may the registration of the first African DOP

In the Official Journal of the European Union L 192 of 1 June 2021, the name Sõir PGI was registered which, in the Food sector, is number 1 of the Estonian PGIs and number 1 in the total of Estonian agri-food Geographical Indications. The board:

Estonia - Sõir PGI
Class 1.4. Other products of animal origin
Reg. (EU) 2021/875 of 25/05/2021 - OJEU L 192 of 01/06/2021

Description of the product: The name Sõir PGI refers to a traditional unripened curdled milk cheese, made with butter and eggs. It is a dairy product that belongs to the category of cooked cheeses.

Appearance and flavor: Sõir PGI has a round and flat shape with a smooth surface tending to rough. Outside the color varies from light yellow to yellowish brown depending on the final treatment modality. Once cooked it has a characteristic yellowish brown crust. It has an elastic, uniform and relatively firm consistency, does not crumble when cut, a certain graininess can be perceived inside and may contain caraway seeds. The typical color of the product depends on the presence of egg yolk and therefore the pasta can vary from light yellow to yellow. On the palate, the cheese has a slight creamy aroma. The flavor is delicate, moderately salty with a slight sour aroma, to which is added the unmistakable flavor of caraway seeds.

Production area: The production area of Sõir PGI extends in the area of Vana-Võromaa and Setomaa, located in the south-eastern part, in Estonia.

Marketing: Sõir PGI can be marketed in portions from a minimum weight of 100 g to several kilograms, obtained by cutting round or rectangular shapes of semicircular shape, parallelepipeds or triangular wedges. When labeling the product, it is mandatory to add additional information on the packaging regarding the treatment modality of the registered name Sõir PGI. Source: Qualivita Foundation.

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