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Carpenè Malvolti grew in 2020 in volumes and turnover

Scimone (dg): "The research and innovation activity has never stopped: three new sparkling wine selections are born"

Exclusive interview with the CEO of the Conegliano company, who has just carried out an accurate restyling of the historic logo and coordinated image.

For Carpenè Malvolti, the historic company from Conegliano that "invented" prosecco, 2020 was a challenging year, like the whole wine sector inevitably exposed to the restaurant and hospitality block, but the general manager Domenico Scimone explains in this exclusive interview how the multi-channel presence allowed to compensate the losses of the Ho.Re.Ca. And the period served to fine-tune important innovations that are now being presented to the public.

EFA News. You have started an accurate restyling of the logo and the coordinated image: with which strategy and objectives?

A. The brand of each company is a synthesis of values and aesthetics of the entrepreneurial mission itself. And so also for ours, which for over one hundred and fifty years - through five Generations - has been producing Sparkling Wines and Spirits in "science and conscience" as our mission states.

These assumptions, imbued with values, commitment and responsibility, have been represented since the beginning in a brand that, although over time it has been declined in diversified ways, has always maintained its founding principles and today , in the new aesthetic reinterpretation, wishes to re-interpret the original characteristics. Moreover, in a social and economic context which - also due to the current economic situation - raises awareness of a state of uncertainty, we believe it is essential to give oneself and give certain points of reference in terms of reliability and recognition at an international level.

And it is in this direction that a general operation of further innovation and qualification was carried out to create an upgrade of the entire offer of the winery both from a qualitative and an aesthetic point of view. The updated version of the brand, therefore, will continue to represent the heritage of those values to testify the link with our past and to project the entrepreneurial activity to a hoped for even better future.

At the same time you launched new labels: can you summarize the news?

Even in times of pandemic, in the vineyard and in the cellar, the research and innovation activity has never stopped giving birth to three new sparkling wine selections. The offer was expanded with two high-profile strategic additions due to the territorial denomination of Prosecco Superiore and the new dynamics in the style of consumption.

These are the "1868 Rive" San Pietro di Barbozza and the "1868 Prosecco" Extra-Brut, a new declination of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG

Proposals resulting from the new determinations, recently recognized by the disciplinary, which included the "Rive" in the highest qualitative and regulatory segment of the Prosecco Area and allowed the production of Prosecco Superiore in the lowest sugar variation, such as Extra Brut.

Among the assortment novelties, therefore, also Prosecco DOC Rosé, a combination of Glera (minimum 85%) and Pinot Nero (between 10% and 15%), which represents a further viticultural and enological expression of the Territory itself.

How did you end 2020?

Assuming that the pandemic has led to a review of lifestyles and consumption at a global level, the 2020 results for the Prosecco category - despite the infinite and diversified complexities for each production and distribution sector - only recorded a modest contraction.

Carpenè-Malvolti, by virtue of a consolidated commercial and marketing strategy based on the multi-channel nature of its offer and distribution structure, was able to compensate for the inevitable decrease in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel with the performance of the GDO channel. More specifically, it was able to consolidate and - in some channels and markets - also increase its market shares in almost all countries, through a total increase in both volume + 8% and value + 6%.

The closures Ho.Re.Ca have they affected a lot?

For the entire Wine & Spirits sector, the anti-Covid restrictions that have affected above all the Ho.Re.Ca. they produced significant decreases; between the Italian market and exports are estimated at around 1.5 billion euros. Having managed to diversify, having been able to count on the GDO channel rather than on emerging channels, has allowed Carpenè-Malvolti to defend many positions in almost all markets.

The almost total reopening of the Ho.Re.Ca. throughout Italy, it reveals glimmers of optimism for consumption. If in the coming summer months the circulation of the virus is really contained, the restaurant world will also be able to recover and allow all the related and involved sectors to be able to develop their business.

What do you expect from the institutions? The mandatory priority is represented by the support that the Institutions should guarantee to the Wine sector - the second voice of exports in the entire agri-food sector - to tourism and in general to our "Country".

We expect a courageous government maneuver in this sense together with wide-ranging measures to relaunch and promote as well as facilitations for the de-bureaucratization of the sector itself. Other forms of indirect support, we hope they can intervene from tax exemption measures for export turnover and tax deductions for expenses related to communication and promotion on foreign markets.

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