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Don Nino's ice creams land in China

In the Asian country, 5 stores will open within the first half of 2022

Don Nino Holding SrL, owner of the ice cream and pastry format that currently has 8 owned stores between Rome and Florence, has just signed an agreement with a Chinese Master Franchisee with which it will enter the Asian market starting from next October. The company, led by partner and CEO Giovanni Pagliaro and assisted for the commercial and marketing part by Tramite, will open 5 stores in China by the first half of 2022. The Chinese pastry and ice cream market continues to grow rapidly, with a future promising and great development opportunities in the high-end market.

"Since the relationship with Don Nino and his ceo Giovanni Pagliaro began", says Alessandro Tramet, manager of foreign relations through the company, "the great potential that the company can express not only in Italy, but above all in Italy, immediately emerged overseas. Our company deals with intermediation with large-scale distribution and Horeca and has been collaborating with Shanghai Global Trading for some time. The goal is to bring made in Italy to the Asian market, in particular to China, Japan and Korea, which are in search of iconic brands Italians, and to do so we relied on expert professionals such as Edmund Chu and Anders Forsberg, founders of Shanghai Global Trading. Thanks to their support, and that of the law and tax firm Heussen, we were able to realize an important opportunity for our client" .

The ice cream business is constantly growing. The results of the studies exhibited in the latest SIGEP (international ice cream and pastry fair) show that 60% of the turnover of the ice cream business is made in the old continent, where the main markets are concentrated for the presence of ice cream parlors and for consumption. of artisanal ice cream. Italy continues to hold the world leadership both in terms of number of points of sale and turnover thanks to its 39 thousand ice cream parlors which employ 150 thousand employees and generate a turnover of 2.8 billion euros, equal to about 30% of the European market. Of the best European performers, Spain and Poland recorded the highest growth rates. As for the rest of the world, there is significant growth in markets in the East such as China, Korea and Japan.

"For Don Nino we have defined a strategic line that takes into account the data that emerged from the studies carried out on this business in recent years", says Pagliaro, "and based on these data, we decided to proceed with the first opening abroad in one of the two countries that achieved the best growth rate in this sector: Spain. In fact, next July we will open the first store in Madrid in Puerta del Sol. Furthermore, thanks to the signing of the Master Franchising contract for China that expects the opening of 5 stores in Shanghai by the first half of 2022, we will enter the Asian market which we consider very interesting from the point of view of the growth of the group turnover which in 2019 amounted to 10.5 million but which, already in 2022, we plan to double thanks to the increase in the number of direct points of sale but, above all, of indirect ones linked to the franchising channel. Finally, thanks to the agreement signed with Tesori of Italy, an integrated network for the promotion of Made in Italy in the world, by the end of 2021 Don Nino will also arrive in Japan in Tokyo where our products will be marketed in the Tesori d'Italia stores alongside many excellent made in Italy products".

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