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Eggs: experimentation with technology to save male chicks is underway

Collaboration in Italy between Animal Equality and Assoavi

Assoavi - Association of Italian egg producers - and Animal Equality met Agri Advanced Technologies, one of the companies that is implementing machines that exploit “in-ovo sexing” technology, now also active in Italy. In the meeting, Assoavi explained the path taken with Animal Equality to study and introduce in-ovo sexing in Italy, while Jörg Hurlin and Laura Zumbrink of AAT, illustrated the characteristics of this technology and the work done in Europe and in Italy to implement it with a positive impact on male chicks in the egg industry.

After the public commitment made in December and renewed last March, Assoavi is supporting the experimentation of AAT technology also in Italy, as already done by other manufacturers in various countries, including France.

Even the Ministry of Health, with which Assoavi and Animal Equality initiated an interview and held a first meeting in March, on the same occasion expressed itself in favor of the use of in-ovo sexing technology.

Agri Advanced Technologies talked about the success of the Italian demo unit and announced the arrival of the final machine, which will be operational in the first Italian hatchery by the end of the year, in collaboration with some Assoavi associates. This technique makes it possible to prevent male chicks that do not find a place in the growth chains from being eliminated as soon as they are born.

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