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Wine: Italian exports recovering on international markets

In March there was a + 12% in value

Despite the pandemic and the logistical and transport difficulties that have been affecting international trade for some time, Italy is bringing home an encouraging result on the wine front. According to ISMEA data and the Italian Wine Union (UIV), which processed the Istat data relating to wine exports, in the first quarter of the year the cumulative balance is negative by 4% in value and 8.2% in volume, but looking at the data for individual months, the curve is clearly improving: in volume, it went from -19% in January to -11% in February to reach zero balance in March, with sparkling and still bottled wines in a positive wake, at + 7%. On the value, even better trend, with the total wine that in the single month of March reaches + 12% after passing from -21% in January to -5% in February. Sparkling wines that from -16% at the beginning of the year reach + 3% and still-sparkling bottled wines that rise from -23% to + 16%.

Even on the main export markets the trends are mostly similar: in the United States, for example, sparkling wine stores the quarterly cumulative positive, with Prosecco even at + 11% volume, while still and sparkling wines packaged, while closing on the negative side the quarterly aggregate (-7%), recorded an encouraging growth path, both in volume and in value: from -44% in January (a figure which can also be explained by the strong demand of US importers a year ago due to fears of a possible inclusion of Italy in the tariff carousel) at + 21% in March.

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