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Goglio supports Segafredo Zanetti's green choice

One of the first coffee companies to start a sustainable conversion process for their packaging

Goglio, one of the main players in Europe in flexible packaging, supports the transition to green materials by Segafredo Zanetti, one of the leaders of espresso in Italy and in the world, which is adopting for all its products multilayer packaging ready for recycling and with less impact environment compared to packaging solutions containing aluminum currently used in the world of coffee. "For over 50 years Goglio has been developing packaging solutions for Segafredo Zanetti designed to preserve the quality, aroma and freshness of coffee unchanged over time", explains Alessandro Caretti, Emea / South America sales management of Goglio SpA. "We are proud to intensify now our collaboration with a great and ambitious goal: to produce in a sustainable way and find the best eco-compatible packaging solutions that take into account the needs of the planet and the ever-increasing environmental awareness of consumers”.

Attentive to market developments and social and environmental changes, for some years Goglio has begun to develop new environmentally friendly packaging solutions such as packaging made with production processes that reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40% and the use of high-quality materials. which can be given a new life through recycling. The new packaging designed by Goglio represent an important novelty for the world of coffee because, unlike the traditional packaging solutions adopted by companies in the sector, they do not contain aluminum. These are packs that can be composed of a polyolefin laminate, obtained by coupling a polypropylene structure and a polyethylene structure, or monomaterial, of only polyethylene or polypropylene. In both cases, the absence of aluminum allows recovery in the plastic of the packaging, which would otherwise be disposed of as unsorted waste.

Goglio and Segafredo are also testing even more sustainable and performing solutions for various product lines, such as the polypropylene monomaterial for pod packaging, which guarantees correct recovery of the package, as well as processing waste.

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