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Pizzerias: USA’s top 50

Italians always at the top in all the States

After the motherland, Italy, the United Sates are surely the nation where, throughout the decades, the pizza phenomenon caught on the most. For this reason too, 50 Top Pizza, the most important guide of the field draught a specific ranking in which, per usual, the best pizzerias of the country are present. In first place of 50 Top USA 2021 – Prosecco DOC Award, there’s Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, in San Francisco, owned by the master pizza chef Tony Gemignani

The name of the city in which pizza was born, Naples, sounds common to everyone.In second place is taken by ‘Una Pizza Napoletana’, situated in Atlantic Highlands, in New Jersey, where Anthony Mangeri works. Coming in third, ‘Spacca Napoli Pizzeria’ from Chicago, Illinois, where the chef is Jonathan Goldsmith. In fourth place ‘Ribalta’, almost an embassy of Italian taste in New York, lead by Rosario Procino and Pasquale Cozzolino, In fifth place, Dan Richter’s ‘Razza Pizza Artigianale’, situated in Jersey City, New Jersey,

Even though the 50 restaurants are splayed out all across the country (Hawaii included), the locations are for the most part located throughout the East and West Coast. In particular, the most present city is New York, with a staggering 11 pizzerias present in the ranking. The Big Apple can be considered the capital of made in USA pizza. Chicago follows, with six restaurants making the list, another area with a lengthy tradition. Then San Francisco, with five, of which the ones that tops the ranking. Behind this last one, with two, we can find Los Angeles and Portland. 

The ranking is the outcome of hard work made by the 50 Top Pizza inspectors, which, for a full year, surveyed an enormous number of pizzerias throughout each state, of course respecting the anonymous policy of the infamous guide. Under the microscope, putting the quality of the dough and of the ingredients used, the service, the wine selection and in general, the attention dedicated to the client above all. Where, because of the pandemic, it has been impossible to visit the restaurants physically, the delivery service was examined, still undertaking the anonymous policy.

"Lots of Italian-American businesses, - say Barbara Guerra, Luciano Pignataro and Alpert Sapere, the three curators of the 50 Top project – evident sign of an immigration which started more than a century ago and that still continues to this day. A phenomenon which made pizza a popular food in the States and that resulted in pizza’s worldwide fame. Various the styles of pizza present, from classic Neapolitan to New York Style, going through multiple shades. A tendency which we would like to highlight is the one that unites pizza and bread. Many of these ones present in the list, compare quite often bread making to pizza making, proposing products of equal quality. A new wave that’s also coming to Italy and Europe".

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