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Prosecco. MP De Castro on request Croatian wine registration Prosek

The “Prosecco” denomination cannot be evoked in the EU. The Ig must be protected

"We cannot tolerate that the protected denomination 'Prosecco', one of the most emblematic at EU level, becomes the object of imitations and abuses, particularly in the European Union": this is how Paolo De Castro, coordinator of the S&D Group in the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament , in a letter sent to the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski after the Croatian authorities initiated the procedure for recognizing the traditional term "Prosěk".

"Faced with the request for protection of a mention, Prosěk, which is nothing other than the Slovenian translation of the name 'Prosecco' - underlines De Castro - it must be remembered that the EU regulation on the common organization of agricultural markets establishes that Protected designations of origin and geographical indications must be protected from any abuse, imitation or evocation, even when the protected name is translated into another language. Not to mention that, at the time of its accession to the EU, Croatia had not requested the protection of the 'Prosěk' denomination, aware of the fact that it was in conflict with the protection reserved for our Prosecco".

"An approval by the Commission of this request, which will in any case also have to overcome the scrutiny of the Member States - adds the MEP PD - could convey the dangerous message that the protection of PDOs and PGIs in the EU can be easily circumvented through other schemes, such as traditional mentions, and weaken the EU's position in the framework of trade negotiations with third countries, including those underway with Australia, New Zealand and Chile, which already oppose the full protection of 'Prosecco'".

"For these reasons - concludes De Castro - we asked Commissioner Wojciechowski to commit to avoiding the publication in the EU Official Journal of the request for protection of the traditional term 'Prosěk', and to prove once again alongside our producers of quality in strengthening Geographical Indications, as requested also by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen".

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