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The Slow Wine Coalition is born

A worldwide network to implement a wine revolution in the name of sustainability

It aims to trace the path for a new revolution in the wine world, bringing together all the protagonists of the supply chain around the awareness that the role of wine can no longer be just the hedonistic one linked to the pleasure of tasting, but will increasingly follow the path of a authentic environmental sustainability, the protection of the landscape and the cultural and social growth of the wine territories. It is the Slow Wine Coalition, the new worldwide network of Slow Food born thanks to the experience and principles that have evolved, edition after edition, around the project of the Slow Wine guide.

The Slow Wine Coalition aims to bring together the players in the wine supply chain, from producers to importers and distributors, from winemakers to restaurateurs, from sommeliers to communicators and journalists, up to enthusiasts, inspired by the idea of a good, clean wine and right for everyone. It is recognized around the Slow Food manifesto for good, clean and fair wine, a decalogue that fixes some fixed points on the job of the winemaker, on agronomy and on enology, extending the discourse to other areas such as biodiversity, the value of territory and the relationship with those who work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

"The manifesto, premiered in Bologna on 11 October 2020 during Sana Restart, is the result of a long journey through the entire history of Slow Food. It is inspired by the reflections of hundreds of winemakers gathered in Montecatini and Florence in 2009. for the second edition of Vignerons d'Europe and does not want to be a closed document, but a starting point around which to confront and discuss", underlines the coordinator of the Slow Wine Coalition, Giancarlo Gariglio . "The roots of our association, at the beginning of the '80s, sink in the vineyards. In these 40 years the association has grown and has broadened its horizons, maintaining the link with wine thanks to Slow Wine. this project has collected successes and united many enthusiasts under the banner of good, clean and fair wine, the guide, the site, the events and the large group of collaborators are not enough to create a community. In this historical phase we have understood that no challenge you win alone. This is why it is essential to create a community united around recognized and shared values".

Pollution, depletion of biodiversity due to the use of herbicides and desiccants, monoculture in the most valuable areas, exploitation of labor. These are some of the plagues that unfortunately still stain the world of wine. There are many wineries that, in the wake of a general agricultural renewal, have started experimenting and resorting to sustainable cultivation systems, practicing organic and biodynamic agriculture. In the future, especially in light of the fight against climate change, this sector will inevitably have to accelerate and offer a virtuous example for all other crops, often less fortunate from the point of view of the economic margin.

Alliances, thematic networks and coalitions are the model identified by Slow Food since the first editions of Terra Madre to respond to the crises we are experiencing. Transversal and collaborative networks that unite all the players in a given supply chain around shared values, abandoning the company model based on competitiveness. The latest born is the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, which brings together all the players in the coffee supply chain, from producers to roasters, from distributors to enthusiasts, united by the love for this drink. The Slow Wine Coalition calendar for the next few months is busy. As early as July, Slow Food will contribute to organizing meetings between the first protagonists of the Coalition in Italy and abroad who will sign the manifesto and recount the principles that inspire them.

The most important event for all vignerons, professionals in the sector and enthusiasts - who all over the world recognize themselves in the ten points indicated by the manifesto - will be held in Bologna, from 26 February to 1 March 2022, with Sana Slow Wine. which presents the Slow Wine Fair, the international event dedicated to good, clean and fair wine. In fact, the event, organized by BolognaFiere with the artistic direction of Slow Food, will host the first international meeting of the Slow Wine Coalition, an opportunity for discussion and debate between all the players in the network, in the wake of the almost twenty-year experience of Terra Madre. During the four days of the Slow Wine Fair, hundreds of producers from all over the world will gather in conferences, debates, tastings and with the exhibition of thousands of labels from all over the globe. This last part will be enhanced by the collaboration with the Excellence company, which brings together the eighteen leading distribution companies in Italy, and will see Sunday open to enthusiasts, while Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to professionals.

The Slow Wine Fair will see the participation of FederBio, historical partner of BolognaFiere with Sana and also active in collaborations with Slow Food, which will curate a section dedicated to certified organic wines.

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