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The pandemic does not stop the race for fish sustainability

According to Msc's annual report, there is a growing trend in the sector towards responsible fish supply/Annex

The volume of blue brand fish products sold in our country increased by 10 thousand tons (reaching 37 thousand tons), up by 30% compared to last year, according to the latest edition of the annual report published by the Marine Stewardship Council ( Msc), a non-profit organization responsible for the leading global fish sustainability program.

The data contained in the report reveals that 19% of the world's catch comes from small and large fisheries involved in the MSC certification program, for a global catch volume corresponding to 16 million tons. Compared to the previous year, the fishing activities involved in the program increased by 18 units, reaching 516. Of these, 25 were suspended due to changed external conditions or the failure to achieve the improvement conditions envisaged by the certification program, while 70 they are undergoing the standard compliance assessment process.

On the other hand, 46,205 supermarkets, restaurants, processing companies, distributors and warehouses hold the certification for the chain of custody, essential to maintain control over the traceability and segregation of sustainable certified fish and to be able to affix the blue mark on the final product. that reaches the consumer. 20,075 blue branded products are available in 63 countries around the world, of which almost 500 are on the shelves of stores in Italy; the frozen food category is at the top of the ranking for the volume of blue brand products sold in the world, with its 547 thousand tons of products sold, followed by the refrigerated category with its 274 thousand tons sold.

The pandemic has seen consumers turn more towards frozen (+ 26% increase compared to last year) and canned (+ 4%) blue brand fish products, but also a drop in sales of products for the food service (minus 15%) and fresh fish (minus 5%). Italy records over 80% of certified volumes in the frozen food category, while the category of canned fish represents 10%. On the other hand, everything is still to be built for the fresh market, for which there are still no MSC certified fishmongers in our country.

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