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Dea Capital: net result for the 1H of 14 million

Refined new funds closing by Idea Agro and Sostenibile II

The Board of Directors of DeA Capital S.p.A., chaired by Lorenzo Pellicioli, approved the Half-Year Financial Report at 30 June 2021. Combined Assets Under Management amounted to 25,631 million euros, up by 14.1% compared to 30 June 2020 (by integrating pro-forma what is attributable to Quaestio Capital SGR), broken down as follows: Real Estate 11,749 million euros (+18 , 6%), Credit 3,149 million euros (-2.2%), Private Equity 2,385 million euros (+ 33.2%), Multi-asset / Multi-manager Solutions 8,348 million euros (+ 10.5% ).

The Group Net Result was positive for € 14.0 million, up from the € -1.8 million recorded in the first half of 2020, thanks to the improvement in terms of both the Alternative Asset Management Platform and investments in wallet. And the Consolidated Net Financial Position is positive for 124.3 million Euros (of which 95.3 million Euros pertaining to the Holdings Companies), compared to the "adjusted" figure (for the distribution of the extraordinary dividend of 26.1 million In May 2021) of 99.9 million euros recorded at the end of 2020. The result is mainly attributable to the disposal of the indirect stake in Migros (+19.5 million euros).

Paolo Ceretti, CEO of the DeA Capital Group, stated: "We consolidated in the second quarter the very positive trend already highlighted at 31 March 2021, with deposits from the beginning of the year that reached around 2 billion euros and which allowed us to exceed the 25.6 billion euros in terms of Combined AUM. The positive performance of the financial markets also supported an excellent performance in terms of assets in the portfolio. On a strategic level, we want to continue to represent a point of reference for alternative investments in Italy and gradually expand to the rest of Europe, with constant attention to ESG issues. In this regard, the recent rating assigned to us by Sustainalytics, belonging to the Morningstar group - which places us 17th among the 390 companies covered in the Asset Management & Custody Services segment, as well as in the top quartile globally considering all sectors of activity - represents a qualifying testimony of the attention of our responsible investment strategies to ESG aspects".

Among the significant events in the half year, in the area of Private Equity, new closing of the IDeA Agro and Sviluppo Sostenibile II funds were finalized, respectively for +28 million euros (and therefore up to a total of 110 million euros) and +21 million of Euro (and therefore up to a total of 91 million Euro).

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