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Export: Italian wines break records during the first semester

According to Uiv’s data, it’s possible to reach the absolute record of over € 7B

Durig 2021’s first semester the italian wine export exceeds 3 billion euros for the first time (3.3 to be precise), a value that projects expectations for this first post-pandemic year beyond the € 7 billion threshold, a absolute record in the history of the Italian wine industry. According to the elaborations of the Wine Observatory of Unione Italiana Vini (Uiv) on Istat data for the first half of this year released today, the rebound of tricolor shipments in the world, favored by the recovery of consumption in the main client countries, is not only evident on 2020 (+ 16% the value, but + 6% also the volumes, above 10 million hectoliters), but also on the average of the pre-Covid period (2015/18). In particular, the segment of wines packaged in the first half of 2021 equals the performances of 2019 (+ 6%), while sparkling wines run at more than double speeds, with extraordinary rhythms in the USA and in Germany. In the United States, in fact, Italian sparkling wines mark + 75% on the 2015/18 average, against + 45% in France. On packaged wines, again in relation to the pre-pandemic average, in the US 2021 marks + 12% against + 2% in 2019, in Germany + 18% against + 5% and in Canada + 19% against + 4%. Weaknesses, on the other hand, are widespread in the UK, where there is a worsening compared to the already negative rhythms of 2019 (-8% against -4%) and Japan, where it drops to slightly negative ground against a growth of 12% recorded before the outbreak of the pandemic.

For the general secretary of UIV, Paolo Castelletti: "Now it is necessary to support this growth, also with the help of the promotion and the new ceiling of 25 million euros at the starting line by the autumn".

Coming to the annual comparison data, thanks to a mighty leap recorded especially between April and June, all the main segments with high added value show growth: sparkling wines at + 26% (780 million euros), sparkling wines above the 200 million threshold ( + 3%), still wines packaged at + 16%, with the top of the reds with appellation at + 23% (860 million euros). Only the bag-in-box (-7%), wines that had greatly benefited from the restrictions imposed by the lockdowns in 2020, and the bulk ones, which suffer from the merciless Spanish competition on the main destinations, are in decline.

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