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Uiv: "The 'two-headed' attitude of the EU Commission on Prosek"

A contradiction that damages one of the most successful DOPs

Prosecco exports: + 32% in the first 7 months of 2021. By volume, 1/3 of sparkling sales in the world are worth

On the Prosek affair, Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) - which with its associates represents about 75% of Prosecco production and bottling - is particularly surprised and worried "by the 'two-headed' approach taken by the Commission in its role as defender of the system of the geographical indications that it has helped to create", reads on a note. "On the one hand, in fact, Brussels is carrying out important work at an international level to protect the European designations of origin in agreements with third countries, on the other hand it would like to allow the recognition of a homonymous mention that evokes the Prosecco denomination in the Community context. With the result of weakening the protection and reputation of one of the most successful PDOs, which alone accounts for a third of world sparkling wine imports and over 80% of sparkling wines bottled in Italy (525 million bottles)".

On the occasion of today's final meeting in Venice by the working group on the Prosek dossier, the main association of the sector believes that the eventual recognition of Croatian wine with the homonymous traditional mention will not only represent a deception to consumers, but will also have the the effect of diluting and exploiting the reputation and recognition created over the years by a geographical indication also through huge investments, including those made to protect the name from violations, both within the EU and in third countries. A job, that of Prosecco, which has determined a driving effect in the export of wine made in Italy with a 400% growth in sales of tricolor sparkling wines in the last 20 years. The Uiv Wine Observatory also records a surge in exports in the first 7 months of this year, with Prosecco growing in value by 32% for a consideration close to 700 million euros.

Uiv, which applauds the Ministry of Agriculture, Undersecretary Gian Marco Centinaio and the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia, for the working and sharing method adopted, finally underlines how all the institutional subjects involved have managed to team up, to work as a country system. It signals that the image of wine as a fragmented and divided sector, the son of 100 bell towers and over 500 denominations, does not correspond to reality and belongs to a narrative that suits those who want the weak sector. For its part, Uiv is committed, as agreed with the Mipaaf, to directly express this opposition to the Agriculture Commissioner Wojciechowski , also involving its international partners, in the first place the Comité Vins which represents the European wineries.

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