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“European Authentic Pleasure” takes off: a campaign to promote DOP and IGP cured meat in Italy and Germany

Cacciatore Italiano DOP, Mortadella Bologna IGP, Zampone e Cotechino Modena IGP are the key players

“European Authentic Pleasure” is the name of a promotional project, co-financed by the European Union, about Made-in-Italy cured meats.  The three-year campaign involves Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano, Consorzio Mortadella Bologna, Consorzio Zampone e Cotechino Modena IGP and the Institute for the Italian Cured Meats Enhancement (IVSI), the project leader.

European Authentic Pleasure aims to spread the awareness and increase the Italian cured meats excellence appreciation, rigorously branded as DOP and IGP in Italy and Germany. The German market – according to ASSICA data – is the first country among the European Union to import the Italian cured meats, about 32,730 tons of Italian cured meats were purchased during 2016 (+2%) worth of 297.8 million Euros (+3.2%).

By following a straightforward programme, from media relations to press tour and journalists meeting organisation, up to promotional material and educational meeting both in schools and in stores planning, the three of Consortiums for the Safeguard and the Institute for the Enhancement aim to increase the European-quality brand recognition and to improve consumer’s cured-meats value awareness, according to food safety, traceability, tradition, authenticity, nutritional and health aspects.

Italy is the European country with the highest number of agro food products, denominating their origin and geographical indications, recognised by the European Union. In the cured meats sector only, Italy can boast 21 DOP and 20 IGP products.

Projects like these are fundamental to strengthen consumers’ awareness about the Italian high-quality food production and the bond relating those excellences to their origin area.   

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