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Danone awarded among the Caring Companies 2020

Recognition to companies that promote synergies between life and work and enhance diversity

Lifeed, an education technology company, launches Caring Company, an award that rewards companies able to foster the synergy between life and work, to promote models of caring leadership and to value people in their diversity. In 2020, according to the National Labor Inspectorate, 77% of 42,000 new parents who left the labor market were women, demonstrating that work-life balance is still problematic. But the difficulties of harmonizing their "private roles" within professional life also concern men: 71% of fathers believe that the reconciliation between life and work is very difficult and that the figure of the father is steeped in stereotypes (83 %) but 87% of them believe that paternity helps to train the ability to grow people in a process of continuous learning, improving conflict management (82%) and increasing empathy (95%).

From this difficult photograph, therefore, the need arises to enhance companies that know how to see the synergy between life and work, believe that the future is built with a leadership that knows how to take care and continuously grow their people, making room for theirs. diversity and thus contributing to change the culture of the entire country. On the occasion of the meeting "Care at the heart of the new business model: how to develop relationships with collaborators", as part of the HR 2021 Forum, Danone was awarded as the first Caring Company 2022.

“With our path in support of parenting that started in 2011 we have shown that it is possible, with a few and targeted actions, to overturn the common point of view according to which a woman cannot give the best of herself at home or at work. On the contrary, today we know, data in hand, that a woman, as well as a man, who takes care of the care (of children or elderly parents) releases a unique potential and brings added value to the organization and to society as a whole. In general, we are increasingly aware of the fact that the real challenge is to consider people at 360 degrees. Organizations, adapting to the changing world, will have to abandon the old and rigid hierarchies to make way for ever more widespread leadership. Thanks to this sustainable approach it is possible to work on the engagement and well-being of people”, commented Sonia Malaspina, Director of HR Italy and Greece at Danone.

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