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The Sezamo brand of Rohlik Group arrives in Italy

Andrea Colombo appointed new CEO for our country

Rohlik Group is preparing to launch its online food delivery services under the new Sezamo brand in the first half of 2022 also in Italy and Romania, while in the second half of the year it will arrive in Spain. The CEO for Italy, Andrea Colombo, was also presented; the BelPaese will be the second largest market after Germany. These deals are the result of in-depth market analyzes which show an increase in demand for online food delivery services.

The European online food delivery service that delivered its first order 7 years ago in Prague, Czech Republic, is already available in 4 countries today, and will be active in 7 countries in total by 2022. Tomáš Čupr, founder of the Group, said: "In Munich, we recently passed the 1000 orders per day milestone in record time. Of course, the old habit of going to a grocery store dies. For this reason, our work must not only be 'better than the traditional way' of shopping, but it must aim to be ten times better".

"After launching the Group's operations in four countries using four different names, we will enter these new markets with a single brand: Sezamo, reveals Jakub Petřina, Chief Marketing Officer of the Group, and adds:" In these countries, Romance and Romance languages are spoken. we wanted to continue to use a word that referred to a food as a brand. Sesame seed is popular in all cultures. Sezamo refers to the word 'sesame' in Italian, 'sesame' in Romanian and 'sésamo' in Spanish. The word also refers to the magical phrase 'Open Sesame' in the story 'Ali Babà and the Forty Thieves', probably because its pod opens when it is ripe, a bit like a treasure being discovered. Rohlik, Kifli, Gurkerl and Knuspr will, of course, remain the brands for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Germany ”.

Colombo, CEO for Italy, will play a key role in the growth of the brand and will be the main promoter of the corporate culture, with a focus on quality food, efficient customer service and rapid innovation. He has 30 years of experience in the retail and food and non-food manufacturing sectors, nationally and internationally. He has spent the last five years in Coop Lombardia in the role of managing director.

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