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New DNV certification for F4F products

Important tool for sustainable aquaculture by Skretting

New certification for F4F products

A new important certification has been granted from DNV to Feed4Future. The new certification covers not only the carbon neutrality feature, but all the sustainability attributes of this innovative product line.

Farmers using F4F produce more fish than they consume, while the raw materials included in the formulation have robust sustainability credentials: fish meals and oils are certified according to Marintrust standards and soy derivatives are of European origin, hence from an area not involved in deforestation and land use change.

We have taken this further step to allow our customers to communicate the value of fish fed F4F in a simple way, as DNV verified every sustainability claim of the feed” - underlines Umberto Luzzana Marketing Manager of Skretting Italia - "Farmers feeding F4F to their fish will have the opportunity to accelerate progress by making essential commitments to the health and welfare of our planet, they can also gain an advantage in the market by marketing more sustainable products, in line with new consumer expectations".

The certification of the "Feed4Future Specifications" is the latest step in the suite of services offered by Skretting Italy to its customers, continuing on its way to be positioned as the most reliable partner in the aquaculture value chain.

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