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Green Christmas: at the table and under the tree, the trend is confirmed as sustainability

According to the Sodastream survey, Italians prefer local and seasonal products

This year will be a sober and sustainable Christmas, confirming a trend that has emerged over the past months. But above all it will be an emotional Christmas, made up of things that are perhaps less “precious” but of greater value, sought and sought after, artisanal and above all sustainable, with particular attention to costs. This is what emerges from a survey conducted by SodaStream, manufacturer and distributor of domestic carbonating systems for water and beverages.

More than 2000 Italians were asked about their choices for Christmas gifts and for social occasions. 63% of those interviewed said they were ready to give away sustainable and possibly inexpensive items. There is no rush to buy, but the more careful and personal search for gifts really designed for the people who will receive them: 30% will focus on beautiful objects with a sustainable soul, luxury is also good but better if of second hand, objects made with recycled or recyclable material, handcrafted and for 17% of the interviewees also homemade.

50% of the consumers interviewed declared that they want to prefer food specialties at km0 both for gifts and when thinking about holiday menus. In fact, the interviewees were asked if they would also pay attention to Christmas shopping and if they would prefer sustainable menus: among the super convinced, 39% of the consumers interviewed, who answered affirmatively to this call, emphasizing the green choice of food, 34% declared who will certainly pay attention to what they put on the table but have not yet thought about the menu, and 7% would like to be more sustainable in their choices but still do not know how to do it. Only 20% of respondents declare themselves faithful to traditions as the first and perhaps only drive of choice. The company wanted to ask the interviewees how they define a green food or drink: 54% of the interviewees consider green a product that does not pollute or does little, while 28% consider green products at km0.

Petra Schrott, Marketing Director of SodaStream Italia: "We too have already been involved in sustainability projects for several years. In particular, the company promotes lifestyles in which the use of disposable plastic items is reduced and aware and without wasting tap water. The company, through the diffusion of its carbonators and replacing the plastic of the syrup containers (to flavor water and to prepare drinks) with metal, intends to save, by 2025, well 78 billion single-use plastic bottles. Furthermore, the acquisition of the Carbon Trust Footprint certification is very recent news, which will also be reported on the new SodaStream Duo, the latest generation carbonator compatible with both glass and Pet bottles " (see EFA News article of 5-11-21).

SodaStream International Ltd. is an Israeli-based company that distributes its products in 70,000 retail stores in 45 countries around the world, including over 17,000 stores in the United States. The company was founded in 1903 in England. It went public on Nasdaq in November 2010 and in August 2018, was acquired by PepsiCo for $ 3.2 billion.

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