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Terre Cevico presents the 2020/2021 budget

Turnover up + 3.22%, new partnerships and development of the industrial plan

Terre Cevico presented the data for the 2020/21 financial year in the annual budget course which this year was held in the hall of the Rocca Estense in Lugo (Ra). Deliberately in the presence and on its territory, Terre Cevico highlighted growing numbers and investment and capital growth policies of the group that have continued despite the continuing health emergency.

The company management, composed of the president Marco Nannetti, the CEO Lauro Giovannini and the CFO Massimo Gallina, also presented the new partnership with Orion Wines, a Trentino-based company also owned in Puglia with which it has been collaborating for over 10 years, for theme-oriented productions. of organic and sustainable viticulture and marketing in the world, and the acquisition of a further share of the Montresor cellars in Valpolicella which thus passes to 75% under the control of Terre Cevico.

The bar of aggregate turnover in the year just ended reached 164.3 million Euros, registering a + 3.22% on the previous year, while exports maintain the share of 52 million Euros and account for 38% on consolidated revenues, confirming the Group's propensity for international markets. Shareholders' equity grows to 73.9 million euros (+2.6%). The surplus value recognized to the shareholders, or the increase in the liquidation of the wines conferred at market prices for the 2020/21 financial year, amounts to 6.4 million euros. Positive figures also include the increase in the aggregate number of employees of the group equal to 332 (+3.91%) and in training hours equal to 2,912 (+22.66).

In the last year, Terre Cevico's organic wine was sold in 38 countries around the world, in addition to Italy, and turnover grew by over + 37%. The top world players in terms of sales are Russia (+78%), China (+19.6%), Finland (+38.2), Poland (99.6%), Norway (+7.3%), Belgium (+36.2%) and Canada (+16%). The "b.IO" commercial line, distributed in Italy in large-scale distribution, continues the positive sales trend and marks +7.75 in the year, as well as the new line without added sulphites "Everything is possible" in the name of ever greater sustainability .

The industrial development plan for the period 2020/2024 is under construction and involves the headquarters of the two main production plants, Lugo and Forlì. The cornerstone of the project, in the name of economic and environmental sustainability, is the theme of "industry 4.0", expressed in interventions such as the enhancement of the automation of the storage areas, logistics, expansion of the tanks in the cellar areas for networking of all the management and production phases of the Group's offices. Net investments for the year ended July 31, 2021 amounted to € 2.56 million, with substantial confirmation of the main areas of intervention.

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