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Artificial meat? No thank you

The first major investigation into the test tube food lobbies arrives in the bookstore

The book by Gilles Luneau was published in Italy for the types of Castelvecchi, after caused a great sensation in France.

“Feeding oneself is above all an agricultural gesture, before becoming a gastronomic act”, writes Gilles Luneau, French journalist, essayist and director, author of Artificial meat? No, thank you, whose first Italian edition has just been published by Castelvecchi. Yet the bond summarized in his sentence, the one that has hitherto been indissoluble between nature and the food that ends up on our plate every day, could be broken by "meat", "eggs", "dairy products" and "fish" made in the laboratory, without passing for a farm or a body of water.

Is this really the future of world food? Is it a healthy and eco-sustainable answer to feed the Earth's population?

We will try to give answers to these questions in the webinar for the presentation of the book organized by the publisher for Friday 17 December at 3 pm. Together with the author, Paolo De Castro, European parliamentarian, Giorgio Cantelli Forti, president of the National Academy of Agriculture, nutritionist Susanna Bramante, and the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini, will speak.

The event will be streamed on the platform, with simultaneous translation in French and English. To participate, registration on the platform is required.

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