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The EU Commission surreptitiously anticipates the ax on wine and spirits

Federvini: "defend the excellence and the Italian consumption model from neo prohibition"

The nightmare is becoming reality: even before the report on the fight against cancer plan is actually approved by the European Parliament , a vote that will take place no earlier than February (see EFA News article ), the European Commission is already using that document to establish criteria and guidelines at the basis of important legislative initiatives of the Union. "We are still convinced that reasonableness will prevail and that the plenary assembly of the European Parliament can modify a text that, as it is, represents a serious blow to the reputation of our products and, more generally, to the diversity of food cultures that make it unique Our continent. We are deeply concerned about the attitude of the European Commission and we ask the Italian government to avoid further missteps, such as the one committed last week when it did not oppose the approval of criteria that penalize the wine, liqueur and spirits, real excellence of Made in Italy in the world ”, declared Micaela Pallini , president of Federvini.

The European Commission has already given a mandate to a consultancy firm to carry out a mapping of the status quo regarding the taxation of alcoholic beverages, in order to define a new tax policy aimed at increasing the level of taxation on alcoholic beverages in the context of the recommendations. contained in the European Beating Cancer Plan.

"As if that were not enough, last week the European Commission approved the 2022 work plan on the horizontal promotion of the various agricultural sectors: the indications contained in the European Beating Cancer Plan: a way to de-incentivize projects for the promotion of wines, liqueurs and spirits because they will in no way be awarded the additional scores. Unfortunately, the European document has not been opposed by our Ministry of agricultural policies, it is not known whether due to inattention or misunderstanding of what is at stake", denounces the Association. "Without a united and determined battle of the country system, aimed at building alliances with other Mediterranean countries, we seriously run the risk that within a few years our drinks will be considered socially unsustainable and therefore heavily penalized", concluded Pallini.

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