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Ferrero Italia: increasing sales, turnover exceeds 1.5 billion

€ 188 million invested in 2021. The margin is stable. Board appointed: Solomon confirmed as president

Positive result made possible by the contribution of the Chocolate confectionary and in particular of Easter products and by the contribution of innovation, supported by the entry into the category of Ice Cream and the launch of Kinder Plumcake

Ferrero SpA and the four subsidiaries in Italy guaranteed the defense and stability of the employment level, by virtue of the priority given to human resources and the values of Corporate Social Responsibility that characterize and inspire the culture of the group. On the labor front, in particular, the average workforce for 2020-21, aggregating the figure for Ferrero SpA and that of the four subsidiaries, is 6,468 units, an increase compared to the average figure for the previous year of 94 unit. The staff on 31 August 2021 was equal to 7,233 resources. Despite the uncertainties caused by the healthcare context, Ferrero confirmed its significant commitment to the community and the territory to which it belongs, through the activities of the Ferrero Foundation in Alba, promoting multiple initiatives in the social, cultural and humanitarian fields. The “Kinder Joy of Moving” program was further supported, dedicated to spreading the practice of sporting activity among the youngest.

Below are some data on the performance of Ferrero SpA and its subsidiaries.

Ferrero Commerciale Italia Srl

Over the period 1 September 2020 - 31 August 2021, the company Ferrero Commerciale Italia Srl recorded an increase in sales on the national market of 1.1% in value, with a turnover of 1,544.2 at 31 August '21. million Euros (against 1,527.1 at 31 August '20). The performance of sales (sell-out) on the domestic market (modern distribution, traditional and discount stores) of all Ferrero products was characterized by growth in both value and volume, with relative increases in market shares. The contribution of the Chocolate confectionary, and in particular of the Easter products, was fundamental for this result. The contribution of innovation remains important, supported by Kinder Plumcake and by entering the Ice Cream category.

Ferrero Commerciale Italia Srl, active in the distribution and sale of confectionery and related products on the Italian market, as well as in the management of marketing, market research and customer service activities, achieved an operating profit of 36.5 million. Euro in line with last year.

Ferrero Industriale Italia Srl

As regards production investments, the Company confirmed its commitment in the Italian context by investing 188 million euros in tangible assets through Ferrero Industriale Italia Srl. Looking at the last 10 years of activity in the national perimeter alone, the investments made by the Ferrero Group in the area amounted to 1.3 billion euros.

Ferrero Industriale Italia Srl is active through the four factories in Alba, Pozzuolo Martesana, Balvano and Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, in the processing and transformation of raw materials into finished products as well as in the management of relationships with subcontractors and quality controls. At 31 August 2021 it had a turnover of 670 million euros (substantially in line with the previous year) and a profit for the year of 48.3 million euros, down by 4.8% compared to the previous year.

Ferrero Management Services Italia Srl

Ferrero Management Services Italia Srl, active in the field of administrative, finance and control, legal and personnel management services at 31 August 2021 achieved a turnover of 63.2 million euros (-2% vs 31 August '20) and a profit for the year of 1.6 million euros in line with the previous year.

Ferrero Technical Services Srl

Ferrero Technical Services Srl, active in the performance of technical and IT activities, in the supply of engineering services, packaging development, organization and coordination of document processes and development of production systems, as at 31 August 2021 a turnover of 210 million Euros (+ 2% vs 31st August '20) and a profit for the year of 13.7 million Euros stable compared to the previous year.

Ferrero Spa, the holding company of the Italian operations, generated an operating profit of 102 million euros (223 million euros in the previous year). The reduction in profit is mainly due to a reduction in financial income compared to the previous year, while the operating margin is substantially stable.

Finally, Ferrero SpA appointed the Board of Directors. Bartolomeo Salomone is confirmed as Chairman of Ferrero SpA and the Board of Directors, in addition to the same, is composed as follows: Alessandro d'Este, Gian Mauro Perrone, Bruno Ferroni, Massimo Micieli and Gian Luca Bassi.

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