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China recognizes Prosecco

Historic result in terms of international protection

The Prosecco Doc Consortium closes the year by obtaining an important international recognition: a game that began in 2014 when the Consortium, to guarantee the protection of the denomination, filed the Prosecco collective brand in China.

Following the publication of the brand, the Consortium received an opposition from the Australian wine producers represented by the Australian Grape and Wine Inc, aimed at obstructing the protection of the GI (Geographical indication) Prosecco. The opposition aimed in fact not to have the trademark recognized and to prevent its registration.

The Chinese trademark office, on the other hand, rejected the Australian opposition by deciding that the "PROSECCO" trademark - being a geographical indication - is suitable for carrying out the trademark function to distinguish the origin of the products.

This is a particularly important result, also considering the strategic role of the Chinese market.

A success also attested by the Ambassador of Italy to the People's Republic of China, Luca Ferrari, who in a letter sent to the President of the Stefano Zanette Consortium expresses his "personal congratulations for the positive conclusion of the procedure in question, which represents a step forward in the defense of the “Prosecco” denomination in this country. This is an excellent result obtained thanks to the constant synergy between the Italian Embassy in Beijing, the Italian institutions on the national territory and the Consortium".

Zanette's response is ready and, thanking Ambassador Ferrari for his kind testimony, confirms that "the success of the operation must be ascribed to the constant protection work carried out by the Consortium, supported by the great collaboration of the Italian Embassy in Beijing and the European Commission which with their contribution they have helped the Consortium to achieve this important international result, demonstrating once again how successful is the synergy between public and private institutions".  

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