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Fantini: double-digit growth in turnover in 2021

In 2022, Three Dreamers made its debut, a new red from Montepulciano d'Abruzzo grapes

The Fantini wine group closed 2021 with a double-digit increase of +11.7% or with a turnover of almost 91 million euros. Given that in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, it stood at less than 80 million. Although some clouds remain on the horizon, such as the pandemic, but even more so the generalized increases in the prices of raw materials and energy, a phenomenon that is affecting the whole sector in Europe, however, indulges in the optimism Valentino Sciotti, founder and CEO of the Group, who said to be certain of a 2022 in further positive sign (the budget forecast is 96.35 million in turnover, with a more subtle growth of bottled wine due to the drop in grape production), also thanks to new products that the company is preparing to launch on the market "and in which we believe very much", emphasizes Sciotti.

Furthermore, 2022 will be marked by Three Dreamers, the new flagship of the Group. It is a red made from dried organic Montepulciano d'Abruzzo grapes, "in practice we have borrowed the production technique of Amarone", explains the CEO. The bottle had to be launched on the market more than two years ago, an option that was then discouraged by the arrival of the lockdowns. "Now the time has come. In the meantime, it was tasted in preview by many experts, they found it simply excellent, it will in fact be the flagship label of the Group, the flagship. On the other hand, it derives from a dream", adds Sciotti.

The term "Three Dreamers" refers to the "three dreamers", or the partners of the company: Valentino Sciotti, Filippo Baccalaro and Camillo De Iuliis, who over 27 years ago became wine producers, based on Southern Italy "despite not having none of the conditions that are usually considered indispensable for a company like this", explains the CEO. Founded in Ortona, Fantini brings together 12 great winemaking realities of southern and central Italy; produces and distributes wines and exports through a branched network of importers and distributors (over 28 million bottles). The company generates most of its revenues outside of Italy: its main markets are Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Holland, Belgium and Japan. In 2020 Fantini Group was acquired by Platinum Equity.

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