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Sustainable palm oil has a new president

Mauro Fontana will lead the Union for the next three years

The Italian Union for Sustainable Palm Oil ushers in the new year with the appointment of the new president, dr. Mauro Fontana , who will lead the Association for the next three years. Fontana, after a fifty-year managerial career that led him to hold top positions in national and multinational companies, from 2021 also assumed the position of president of the Agrifood National Cluster CL.AN, the multi-stakeholder association that aggregates companies, associations of category, universities, research organizations, training bodies and territorial representatives operating in the agri-food sector, acting as a control room and privileged interlocutor in relations with national institutions in the field of research and innovation.

In his first speech, President Fontana acknowledged the excellent work of his predecessor, the lawyer Giuseppe Allocca, who has led the Union from 2016 to today, in a particularly delicate phase for the supply chain, at the center of a heated and highly polarized debate. "It is now clear that the best and only real alternative to palm oil is sustainable palm oil. This is a belief supported by leading NGOs and authoritative experts from the scientific and academic community, and will be a central message in future strategies of the Italian Union for Sustainable Palm Oil”, said President Fontana.

He then added: "My commitment will be aimed at strengthening the Association's role as a privileged stakeholder for institutions and an authoritative and accredited source of correct information on a supply chain that has made important progress in terms of sustainability in recent years and which, if managed responsibly, it contributes significantly to the achievement of sustainable development goals and the fight against climate change". To then conclude: “We intend to protect and give voice to all the virtuous realities that recognize themselves in our goals and in those of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. In collaboration with environmental and social non-governmental organizations and institutions, we will continue to stimulate, through appropriate awareness-raising initiatives, the transition of the market towards full environmental, social and economic sustainability".

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