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Ghana: Accra announces development plan for poultry sector

Loan of $ 87 million. The country today produces just 2% of the national needs

The Ghanaian poultry sector struggles to develop mainly due to the high costs of animal feed: the current domestic poultry production in fact satisfies just 2% of the national needs, and the recent avian epidemic in some farms in the country does not contribute to improving the situation. The government recently announced an industry development plan backed by a $ 87 million 3-year loan to all players in the industry at an interest rate of less than 10%.

According to some unofficial statistics published recently in a report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the national production of poultry meat would increase from 50,000 tons in 2021 to 60,000 tons this year thanks to the drop in the price of corn: the cost of poultry feed represents almost 80% of the total production costs.

Poultry meat imports, on the other hand, are expected to reach 400,000 tons, compared to 295,000 tons in 2020. Imports come mainly from the Netherlands, Poland, the United States, Belgium and Brazil. Other suppliers include the UK, Turkey, Germany, Canada and Ukraine. Most of the imported poultry meat is marketed in Ghana as a frozen product, cut and packaged in 10 kg cartons.

Per capita consumption of poultry meat in Ghana in 2021 was 13 kg per person, and this year will increase by 15% thanks to population growth, the rise of the middle class and the recovery of the economy.

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