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Amaro Formidabile is now under the Pallini brand

Having bought the brand, the Roman group now follows its production and distribution

Pallini announces the purchase, production and distribution of Amaro Formidabile

The production of Amaro Formidabile, the result of the studies, knowledge and thirty-year experience of the Roman liqueurist Armando Bomba, began a few days ago at the Pallini Spa in Rome, in its historic headquarters in street Tiburtina. Pallini Spa has purchased the Roman brand awarded all over the world and now follows its production and distribution.

"We admired from the beginning the birth and evolution of Amaro Formidabile - declares Micaela Pallini, president of the company - with interest and curiosity. Formidabile was born a few kilometers from our headquarters and immediately distinguished itself as an artisan amaro from very innovative connotations. It can really be considered the first of the new generation bitters that have enlivened the market in the last 5 years and the fact that it was our neighbor immediately attracted our attention".

Amaro Formidabile is a natural bitter liqueur handcrafted with a process of maceration of aromatic and officinal plants in pure wheat alcohol. Numerous international awards achieved over the years, from the great gold medal at the Spirit selection de concours mondial de Bruxelles in 2018 to the gold medal at the International spirit challenge in 2019. An amaro with a peculiarity that makes it unique: even with strong links with traditional recipes, born with an absolutely exclusive formulation and an original style. It is not similar to any other bitters produced on the market, it is produced by cold maceration in wheat alcohol of the various botanicals without the aid of additives, dyes, caramel or any type of synthetic or natural flavor. The aromatic complex of Formidabile arises from the combination of herbs, flowers, barks, roots and fruit peels with absolutely higher concentration percentages than the literature on the subject has ever suggested. Among these: red cinchona, Chinese rhubarb, damask rose, Roman wormwood, gentian, Calabrian orange peel, kola nut, star anise and cloves.

The production then moves to the Pallini factories: "The process is long and laborious -declared by Pallini Spa-, and we intend to follow the founder's recipe exactly, so the quantities will certainly not be of great numbers. From the infusion to the bottling takes almost two months and it is such a delicate product that we will focus on a production in small batches - small batch type - and for this reason we will sell by reservation".

Not only the geographical proximity unites the Pallini company and its president with the liquorist creator of Formidabile: "Armando is a very smart person - emphasizes Micaela Pallini - who had extremely clear ideas about the type of product he wanted to bring to the public. Formidabile's recipe was defined after many tests, first in the kitchen (in the sense of the home kitchen where he made the first infusions) and then in the field with hundreds of tastings thanks to the network of acquaintances he had that helped consumers to test Formidabile. A relationship of great esteem and respect was born between us that convinced Armando that our company and our family could have been the vehicle to make Formidabile take the step that alone he could not make him take to keep up with growth. exponential of the brand".

The distribution strategy of Amaro Formidabile foresees the already well-established cocktail bars, the world of catering and wine bars, looking at the Italian market, but with the novelty of a look aimed at the foreign market, where consumers have for some time begun to discover and to love Italian amari.

A bitter fruit of the studies and passion of the liquorist Armando Bomba , who from a very young age, following the family tradition, approached the world of bartending and catering. At a certain point in his already extensive career, he gives himself a period destined to search for a product that can synthesize his experiences by focusing on traditional Italian and French liqueurs. It starts from the examination of the historical treatises of the international pharmacopoeia (fundamental for deepening the "bitter" remedies that are at the origin of the current preparations) and of the technical and domestic recipe books published since the end of the eighteenth century, up to the most modern texts of early twentieth century, where he finds the roots of a kind of preparations that can be reworked to give a current gustatory response. The passion for artistic perfumery becomes practical territory for the experience on the extraction of aromatic bases. The experimentation begins that will last several years and the conviction of proposing a type of liqueur of high Italian tradition with an absolutely exclusive recipe is consolidated. "The total sensory approach" is, for Armando Bomba, maniacally essential: taste, sight, smell and texture must coincide with a complete and coherent experience. Amaro Formidabile thus becomes the synthesis of this research path.

The color is amber and the choice of the ultra clear glass bottle gives the sight a precious transparency. The aroma immediately appears three-dimensional, not attributable to a single sensation: citrus, slightly smoky, singular of coccoin and roasted cocoa beans. The consistency is silky, immediately enveloping, warm, almost chewable. In the mouth it is incredibly polyphonic: the sensations evolve almost simultaneously while keeping the characteristics of each one separate. The top gustatory note is aromatic of the peel of the three types of citrus and slightly aniseed; in concert, a spicy heart of carnation and coriander arrives, herbaceous of mugwort and warm of damask rose; the base is toasted, woody, oriental, evocative of highly concentrated botanicals. The sensation of recognizing absolutely absent elements such as licorice, bitter almond or coffee bean covered with dark chocolate is curious. The finish is very long and deep: the incensed and bitter notes are unforgettable in a persistent memory of rhubarb candy. Amaro Formidabile should be served cold, strictly without ice, in small liqueur glasses. The highly digestive virtues of all the natural botanicals used in its preparation make it the ideal companion at the end of a meal. In combination, it prefers aromatic competitors such as large cru of bitter chocolate with candied orange peel or, in pastry, amaretti in the soft variety of Sassello. Surprising "on top" on vanilla ice cream.

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