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Wine: the Benvenuto Brunello event in New York

The 2017 preview and the 2016 Riserva of the Tuscan red are on agenda

The US edition of Benvenuto Brunello, edited by the Consortium of wine Brunello of Montalcino, kicks off today. The appointment for the 2017 preview and the 2016 Riserva of the prince of Tuscan reds is on Fifth Avenue in New York, where at the Midtown Loft & Terrace over 50 Montalcino producers have made an appointment with about 300 operators in the stars and stripes trade. “The goal - said the president of the Consortium, Fabrizio Bindocci - is to consolidate our presence in our first outlet market in the world, with an export share that exceeds 30% of the total. Last year - he added - Tuscan reds in the States recorded an unprecedented leap in sales, up 26% in value, with Brunello - together with the main regional denominations - standard-bearer of Italian style overseas. This is also evidenced by the survey commissioned for the occasion from Wine Intelligence, which sees Tuscany at the top of the foreign wine territories best known by US consumers".

According to the advances in the Wine Intelligence report, Tuscany - second only to the local Napa Valley - is known by 58% of US consumers, ahead of the "wine regions" of Champagne (51%), Bordeaux (50%). , Burgundy (47%) and Sicily (41%). Brunello of Montalcino boasts a reputation of 7% with a very high level of loyalty on the front of US consumer clusters identified by the research institute linked to wine enthusiasts, upper class urban millennials (income over 100 thousand dollars), where the degree of knowledge practically doubled (13%). The figure rises considerably in the conversion to purchase: Americans who know Brunello, in 30% of cases buy it, and it is one of the highest values ever, second - among Italians - to Prosecco alone (31%). And, also in this case, far ahead of the main French superpremium competitors, with shares of around 20%. In general, according to the report, Italian wine after Californian wine is the best known on a par with French one (69%), followed at a distance by Spain (58%) and Australia (43%). At the time of purchase, however, Italy detaches the French by virtue of a greater number of consumption by Generation Z (21-24 years) and Millennials (25-39 years) in particular from Miami, New York City and San Francisco. And the Millennials are the age group most dedicated to Brunello consumption, with the 'Generation Treaters' (wealthy urban millennials) on the rise and with a spending capacity that exceeds 75 dollars per bottle, to be consumed especially outside the home. or to take as a gift to friends' dinners.

For tasting in glasses reserved for trade operators during the two days of the event (23 and 24 February), in addition to the Brunello 2017 and the Riserva 2016, also the Rosso of Montalcino 2020. In 2021 Brunello of Montalcino closed the year with over 11 million bottles placed on the market, 37% more than in the previous three years.

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