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Gualapack grows in North America

The new commercial office in Miami has been inaugurated

Gualapack announces the opening of a new commercial office in Miami, Florida, dedicated to the American and Canadian market. The inauguration coincides with a new step forward in the international expansion of the group, in the wake of the recent strategic acquisition of a converter in Brazil and the consolidation of the presence in 11 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

Gualapack US & Canada is in an ideal position - explains a note - close not only to North American customers but also to suppliers based in Central America - including some partners on which the brand has been relying for years, for the local production of pouches and plastic films. Proximity will be a key factor for the mission of the new subsidiary, created to more effectively reach a highly strategic market for the flexible packaging sector, with enormous potential dictated by the size of the population, medium-high income and consumer preferences in the area.

Stefano Manfredi, Global Marketing and Sales Director of Gualapack and now CEO of the subsidiary Gualapack US & Canada, declares that he is “proud to take on this new position. The opening of the new headquarters is an important milestone for our company, due to the opportunities it entails in terms of network and development in a complex market. It is a great challenge, which I am sure will spur us to also find new ways to grow, in full sustainability, further elevating Gualapack's vision”.

The company founded in Alessandria over 35 years ago on the initiative of the Guala family and specialized in the production of pre-formed bags with cane, laminates, caps and bags for baby food, snacks, pharmaceutical products, closed 2021 with a turnover of over 300 million euros, and has a team of 2,300 employees.

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