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San Daniele Dop ham: turnover up 14% in 2021

2.8 million hams sold for a total of 350 million euros

The increase in the number of processed thighs and pre-sliced trays led to an increase in sales compared to last year. Excellent results also on the export front.

Also in 2021 the San Daniele Dop ham was confirmed as one of the most purchased and consumed Italian food and wine products of excellence, in Italy and abroad. Total production last year saw a 3% increase with 2,630,000 pork legs produced, coming from 45 slaughterhouses and processed by 3,626 authorized Italian farms. The thighs sold in 2021 were 2.8 million, generating a total turnover of 350 million euros, which records an increase of 14% compared to 2020. 83% of the total production was destined for internal consumption, while 17% has crossed national borders.

For the product directed to the extra-Italian market, exports recorded a 17% increase in sales compared to the previous year. 56% of the foreign shares reached the markets of countries belonging to the European Union. In general, France, the United States, Germany, Australia and Belgium are among the most important countries for export. Positive results also come from Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada and Brazil. The total production of pre-sliced trays recorded an increase of 8% with over 23.1 million certified packs, equal to 465,000 hams and for a total of over 2.15 million kilograms. These figures are in contrast with the 1.5% decrease in consumption for the cured meats sector and much higher than the 3% increase recorded by Italian raw hams. The share of San Daniele ham compared to all Italian raw hams is 14% of the total, recording an increase compared to the previous period.

"In a complex global scenario", declared Giuseppe Villani, president of the consortium, "the economic data of the sector are positive and satisfactory both in the domestic market and in exports. Production recorded an increase compared to the previous year by 3% and packs of pre-sliced products recorded an increase of more than 8%. The necessary ability to adapt to new consumption models and the high quality of San Daniele contributed to maintaining the brand's positioning and consolidating economic results".

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