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Riso Scotti, the first Italian rice mill to land in China

Since March, Arborio quality has regularly arrived on Chinese's tables

After a long diplomatic and technical negotiation, conducted together with the business world of the sector, and following the protocol signed in April 2020, the green light of the competent authorities of Beijing for the import of our risotto varieties has arrived. "Riso Scotti is the first Italian rice mill to land in China", proudly announces Nicola Gorini, Export Area Manager of Riso Scotti. "The negotiation", explains Alessandro Irico, quality director of the company, "involved a long process for which each company had to define its own organizational methods linked in particular to the safety and phytosanitary prevention procedures".

Although the European regulations on food safety are the most stringent, the Chinese phytosanitary agencies have, in fact, carried out very strict and meticulous checks before authorizing the import of rice, sending several delegations for months to verify the excellence of the methods of production. "After being accredited as a rice mill, a long and complex procedure then began to register us on Chinese customs: a complicated bureaucratic process imposed by Beijing to guarantee the authenticity of the incoming product, which the Riso Scotti export department has carried out with tenacity and stubbornness, supported by a daily commitment from the back office and foreign logistics", explains the company in a press release.

A few days ago, the first of a long series of Arborio containers was cleared through customs in Shanghai by the distributor Guanyi. Chinese consumers will be able to start buying Italian rice online and find Arborio in foodservice chains. "A long-awaited green light on a market of primary importance for the Italian agri-food industry", declares Clara Zanacco, export general manager of Riso Scotti. "This is a success for the company that is looking to new market shares, and for the whole national rice chain, the first European producer, for which an important market is now opening, with millions of Chinese ready to appreciate our risotto".

We are talking about a potential market of tens of millions of consumers, in a country that has made rice the symbol of its rural and gastronomic culture, a pillar of the daily diet, and which is the most important producer in the world. Italy is the leading producer in the European Union with 228 thousand cultivated hectares and 4 thousand companies that harvest 1 million tons of milled rice, ensuring over 50% of rice production, which differs from that grown in the rest of the world thanks to typical varieties that enhance the specificities of our territories of origin.

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