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Pasqua Vigneti/2: focus on the US market

Alessandro Pasqua: "The American market is worth 33% of our turnover"

Confirming the performance achieved by Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine overseas, there are also data on the evolution of the wine market in the United States, prepared by Nomisma's Wine Monitor on behalf of Pasqua Vini and illustrated during the presentation of the company's 2021 results.

The USA is confirmed as the top wine import market in the world, with about 30 million hectoliters consumed last year (in line with what was recorded in 2020) and just under 6 billion euros spent on buying it from other nations (+21,5% compared to the previous year and +8.1% compared to 2019), with Italy confirming itself as the main player in the segment of still and sparkling bottled wines (1.4 billion euros of wine exported, 34% of market share).

In 2021 the US public, both through retail and e-commerce and the DTC, confirms their desire to buy high-end labels, a trend that took off in 2020 with the change of wine habits due to greater in-house consumption. The value of sales in the off-premise channel of 750ml bottles and priced above $ 15 increased overall by + 46% compared to 2019, with those of Super Luxury wines (over $ 25) growing by as much as + 77.3%, compared to an average of the total sales of still wines equal to + 12.5%. Going into the details of the sales of Italian wine in the American off-premise channel, the Luxury (between 20 and 24.99 $ per bottle) recorded + 30% compared to 2019 and the Super Luxury even + 54%: in the latter category are above all the reds to record the greatest acceleration.

“The American market is a fundamental market for our company, which today represents 33% of our total exports”, explains Alessandro Pasqua, President of Pasqua USA. “The results that we present show us how much those who love wine, who during 2020 had to change their consumption and purchase habits, are today particularly sensitive and receptive to high quality products. The 2021 balance in the States is really positive for our company: the path we have taken is the right one to pursue and pushes us to improve our overseas performance even more".

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