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Officially registered the Vincisgrassi alla Maceratese Stg

The Italian food Ig rises to 316

The name Vincisgrassi alla Maceratese Stg is registered in the Official Journal of the European Union L 103 of 31/03/2022, which according to the updated data of the Qualivita observatory is number 4 of the Italian Stg and number 316 in the total of agri-food geographical indications of 'Italy, for a total of 842 Dop Igp Stg denominations in the food and wine sector.

This is the first Italian product with a geographical indication registered in 2022 and the fourth in the food sector at European level, in addition to the 3 products registered since the beginning of the year in non-EU countries. With the registration of the new Stg, Italy reaches 316 Ig food, of which 173 Dop, 139 Igp and 4 Stg, to which are added 526 vitivinicultural products, for a total of 842 Dop Igp Stg denominations, in addition to the 34 Ig of the spirits compartment.

The Vincisgrassi alla Maceratese belong to class 2.21 ready meals which has 2 denominations. It is a first course au gratin in the oven obtained from three basic preparations: fresh egg pasta, a sauce rich in poultry meat and their offal, pork and veal and bechamel, with cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano Dop or Grana Padano Dop.

The traditional production area of the Vincisgrassi is originally referable to the Marche region. Appearance they are made up of at least 7/8 alternating layers of pastry, sauce, dark red tending to dark brown, béchamel and grated cheese. The smell is typical of overcooked meat sauce, cooked cheese and bechamel; the consistency is crunchy in the crust and soft inside. The flavor is characterized by slight salty and bitter sensations.

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