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DeA Capital: Marco Sala new president

Paolo Ceretti confirmed as CEO. Extraordinary dividend approved

The shareholders' meeting of DeA Capital SpA met under the chairmanship of Lorenzo Pellicioli and approved the financial statements at 31 December 2021, which closed with a profit of 28.4 million euros (compared to 25.4 million Euros in 2020). The shareholders' meeting also approved, by way of extraordinary dividend, the partial distribution of the share premium reserve in the amount of € 0.10 per share or, on the basis of the current number of eligible shares, for a total amount of approximately 26 million Euro. The meeting also examined the consolidated financial statements of the Group as at 31 December 2021, which showed a profit for the period of 23.8 million euros (+ 16% compared to the profit of 20.4 million euros recorded in 2020).

The new board of directors of the company was then appointed, in office for three years, that is, until the approval of the financial statements at 31 December 2024. The board of directors is composed of 9 members: Marco Sala (chairman of the board of directors), Paolo Ceretti, Nicola Drago , Donatella Busso (independent director), Daniela Toscani (independent director), Elena Vasco (independent director), Carlo Enrico Ferrari Ardicini , Mara Vanzetta (independent director) and Dario Frigerio.

The shareholders' meeting also appointed the new board of statutory auditors on the basis of the single list presented by the majority shareholder De Agostini SpA At the end of the meeting, the newly elected board of directors met, which confirmed Paolo Ceretti in the office of chief executive officer and conferred management powers on the chairman and the chief executive officer himself. Therefore, Paolo Ceretti and Marco Sala are to be considered executive directors, while the remaining directors are to be considered non-executive directors.

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