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Consumption on rise and prices recovering for Grana Padano Dop

The general assembly of the protection consortium has updated the production plan

Consumption growth, prices recovering and production in line with growth objectives: these are the three results achieved in 2021 by the Grana Padano protection consortium and which also positively influenced the results of the first months of 2022. This is confirmed by the report presented by the board of administration during the general meeting of the Consortium. President Renato Zaghini , explained: "the trend in global consumption in 2021 and the numbers at the end of the year proved us right, because there was a + 2.8% in Italy, a sign of stability and in some ways unexpected after their marked growth in 2020. And the first four months of 2022 also confirm the trend, which has thus led the Grana Padano Dop market to a very positive trend".

The results obtained in 2021 from the production plan are positive: exports grew by 7.07%, thanks to the international situation and the new strategies inspired and accompanied by Kpmg. "This collaboration has led us to revisit the promotional advertising investments and to review the internal marketing structure", underlined Stefano Berni, general manager of the Consortium, "choices that are favoring the encouraging moment for our entire supply chain and that they see for the 2022 investments of 36 million euros".

Representatives of associations and institutions shared the concerns and objectives contained in the report. For Paolo Zanetti, president of Assolatte, "thanks to the great harmony of all the entrepreneurs, the sector has not reduced the supply of milk, unlike other countries", as stated by Giovanni Guarneri, president of the dairy sector of Confcooperative FedagriPesca Lombardia, underlining the shortage of milk at European level, while Matteo Lasagna, national vice president of Confagricoltura, did not hide the concerns about the hypothesized European standard on geographical indications, fueled in his opinion by ideological pressures.

The consortium members then discussed the production disciplinary, discussing in particular the initiatives related to environmental sustainability, product and process healthiness and animal welfare. 2021 closed with a total production of 5,234,443 wheels equal to 2,032,896 quintals, (-0.40% compared to 2020), 44% of exported branded cheese and a consequent 56% consumed in Italy. Production in 2021 was divided by 37.28% in favor of industries and by 62.72% in favor of cooperatives. Looking, then, specifically at the geographical areas, it is evident that the province of Mantua, with 28 dairies, produced 30.40% of the annual total. Followed by: Brescia with 29 dairies and a production of 22.06%, Cremona with 9 dairies and 17.46% and Piacenza with 20 dairies and 11.47%. Veneto, with 25 dairies (also taking into account Veneto milk processed outside the Region), produced 15.49%.

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