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World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June

Msc presents research on the attitudes and motivations of those who base their diet on fish

World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June, intended to raise public awareness of the essential role they play in our life and in the general health of the environment. For the occasion, the Msc Marine Stewardship Council promoted the study conducted by Globescan in Italy and in 22 other countries around the world, which investigates the attitudes, motivations and fears of those who base part of their diet on fish.

Italians are fully aware of the importance of the oceans for the future health of the planet, and almost all (93%) are worried about their state of health. On future scenarios: 53% are optimistic and believe that the damage caused by humans can be solved within the next 20 years, while the rest fear that within twenty years they will no longer be able to eat their favorite species of fish. Among the threats perceived as most pressing to our oceans are pollution (67%), climate change (46%) and overfishing which impoverishes fish populations (38%).

43% respondents intend to buy more sustainable fishing products, compared to 26% of those who said they had done so in the previous two years. The prevalence of fish consumption at home (83% of consumers interviewed) compared to restaurants, bars or fast food restaurants is confirmed, and the preference for fresh products from the fish market or fish counter (one interviewed out of 3), but the consumption of frozen and canned fish, which is a frequent choice for one in two respondents.

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, MSC will be alongside Findus, who will present Fish For Good, a manifesto that summarizes the company's commitment to protecting and preserving the present and future of the oceans. During the event Francesca Oppia will present an in-depth analysis of the results of the Globescan research on consumer attitudes. On the same day, moreover, the well-known Captain Findus will put into operation in Venice a new innovative device for cleaning the seas, capable of capturing floating waste.

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