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Projections: cereal production in Romania drops by 5%

On the other hand, that of sunflower and rapeseed will rise

According to the most recent forecasts of the European Commission, Romania could produce 1.4 million tons of cereals less this year than the previous year. Romanian production of wheat, corn and barley could therefore be around 25.8 million tons this year, down 5.1% according to calculations based on data from the Ministry of Agriculture. Conversely, total sunflower and rapeseed production will increase by 7.8% to around 4.5 million tonnes. The quantity will be approximately 330,000 tons more than the previous year.

The European Commission estimates that farmers will get an average of 2.66 tons of sunflowers per hectare, or 10% more than in 2021 negatively impacted winter harvests, which led to a revision of the latest forecast for the yield of wheat, barley and maize. The wheat yield will be, on average, 4.56 tons per hectare, 14% less than the previous year's level; for barley yields will be 15-22% lower, and for maize the drop will be only 0.2% compared to the average of the previous year. Ice from Bucharest reports it yesterday on

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