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Blocking of ports: the agreement between Russia and Ukraine arrives

Nearly two hundred million kilograms of corn for animal feed released, destined for Italy

The agreement on a corridor for the passage of ships loaded with cereals from Odessa also unlocks almost two hundred million kilos of corn for animal feed destined for Italy which are still in Ukrainian warehouses. This is what Coldiretti estimates in commenting positively on the maximum agreement reached between Russia and Ukraine with the mediation of Turkey, even if what is worrying is the news of the destruction of the Ukrainian terminal for cereals in Mykolaiv which reduces the possibility of storing new crops.

Pre-war Ukraine was Italy's second largest supplier of corn with a share of just over 13%, but it also guaranteed 3% of national wheat imports, according to the Divulga study. The stop of shipments has caused an increase in production costs with almost one in ten dairy farms (8%) that in Italy is in such a critical situation as to lead to the cessation of activity, also due to the effect of the average increase of 56% current production costs that are not covered by revenues.

The opening of a corridor to let the ships loaded with grain out of Odessa is also important to save those 53 countries from famine where the population spends at least 60% of their income on food and therefore suffer devastatingly from the increase. of grain prices caused by the war. With the green light for the departure of the cargo ships, space in the warehouses is freed up to accommodate the new grain crops arriving in a few weeks for an estimated quantity of 19.4 million tons, about 40% less than the 33 million of tons expected for this season, which still place Ukraine in sixth place among world exporters of wheat (see article EFA News of 6-6-22).

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