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Polo del Gusto (Illy) takes over Rococo Chocolates

The brand and 3 london shops were acquired through Prestat

Polo del Gusto, a subholding from Illy’s group dedicated to food businesses other than coffee, has announced the acquisition of a third chocolate society, after Domori and Prestat: it’s the long-established Rococo Chocolates, famous for its elegant creativity of its packaging and the sophistication of its chocolates, but that failed because of the pandemic, and in extraordinary administration at the moment.

The operation, which’s economic terms haven’t been divulgated, was finalized through Prestat, that has took over the brand and three other Londoner shops.

Founded in 1983, Rococo has a sales volume on annual base of around 4 million pounds with five stores in central London.

‘The acquisition was offered to us and we have decided to take the opportunity, since in Rococo we have seen two crucial aspects: on one hand the important fundamentals that have brought the company on the verge of profitability, despite the difficult cycle of the last two years, on the other the chance of integration in the rest of the group’ states Riccardo Illy, president of Polo del Gusto.

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