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Cpr System (packaging), 2021 in exponential growth

The group almost made 100 million euros in revenue. Branch kicked off in Spain


In 2021 the revenue data of Cpr System, cooperative group leader in production and recycling of plastic in Italy, have seen an increase of 20% of the consolidated revenue of the group that nearly hits 100 million, inclusive of those of Fclog, Cpr System Iberia and New.

Going into detail, from the number appears the growth of Cpr System Società Cooperativa’s revenue of +24% with 75 million euros, 16,2 million of nominal capital, and 38,4 of net worth. The results show an increase of the social base that has reached circa 50 distributors and between these Coop, Conad, Pam, Bennet, Gigante, Selex, Sigma, Despar and others, and even some businesses of the branch, from the printers of the packaging to the service brands such as transport and handling.

The movement of the registers in 2021 are 165,2 million, slighty more than 2020 that, because of the pandemic, has been the record year. Also growing by 4,5% in 2020 were the pallet handlings that have reached 7,9 million to which have to be added 589000 movements of minibins. In 2021 the activity of Cbr Iberia has also been successful, that already sees 6,9 million handlings in 2022, just to demonstate the success of the project in Spain.

The president of CPR System Polo Gerevini has underlined that ‘seeing the current situation, we’re in front of international variables that will have consequences especially on consumption. The war, the inflation and the cost of life can and instead is already reducing the propension to buy of Italians. We have to be very close as a sector to highlight the role of healthy eating and therefore full of fruit and vegetables for the health of people. It’s crucial that people understand the role played by the fruit industry.’

‘Always on the economic fornt’, Monica Artosi, General Director of Cpr System, ‘we highlight the data-backed increases of costs underwent by Cpr for ordinary activity. It regards the increments started in 2021 and that continue in 2022, that go from energy and gas, to handling, to the raw materials needed for the production of Cpr’s packaging, such as plastic and wood. Facing such increments, as of today, prices of handling haven’t been increased, in favor of the sustainability of the branch. Also the renovation of the managing model, still in development, is going in the same direction, to make the system more efficient.’

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