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Peroni: Bari’s factory is increasingly sustainable

7000 sqf field of solar panels will allow to reduce Co2 emissions

Peroni Beer, in track with its goal of reaching zero emissions by 2030, has signed a deal with Absolicon, society specialized in technology supplies for the transition from fossil fuels, to build a 7000 sqf of solar panels in the Bari factory. The Swedish group will provide the technology patented Absolicon T160 and the integration of the system, while Peroni Beer will use solar heath collected for its production process.

The technology patented Absolicon T160 – explains a note - with a temperature of the produced steam to reach 160 celcius and 8 bar, adapts to the need of thermic energy of the factory, potentially guaranteeing energetic independence, and will allow Peroni Beer to start introducing solar heath in the functioning of its production, replacing fossil fuels with a consequent reduction of Co2 emissions.

‘Thanks to technology made at our disposition, by Absolicon the Bari factory will strengthen its excellent position for innovation and sustainability’, has stated Enrico Galasso, CEO of Peroni Beer.

"We have among our objectives that of reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact, and the performances recorded by the Apulian system confirm that we are on the right track. The new plant will allow us to give a strong acceleration to the path towards the elimination of CO2 emissions by 2030, an objective that is an integral part of our corporate strategy".

Joakim Byström, CEO of Absolicon, said: "We aim to revolutionize energy supply and envision a sustainable industry. Peroni beer has great climate ambitions and we look forward to this first joint project and our technology helping to make reach the company the goal of zero CO2 emissions".

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